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  1. Plural of conclusion.



  1. Plural of conclusion

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A conclusion is a proposition, which is arrived at after the consideration of evidence, arguments or premises.


main article Logical consequence
In a mathematical proof or a syllogism, a conclusion is a statement that is the logical consequence of preceding statements. It can also be at the end of a speech.

Informal logic

In both formal and informal logic, a main contention is a thought which is capable of being either true or false and is usually the most controversial proposition being argued for. In reasoning, a main contention is represented by the top of an argument map, with all supporting and objecting premises which bear upon it placed underneath. A main contention is given a different order and is placed at the start of an argument and not at the end.

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In music a conclusion is a musical theme which releases musical tension after an initial build up, this often occurs as a cadence at the very end of a composition.
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